Happy New Year!!!

The new year has rolled around and I think it’s safe to say that too many of us are glad that 2016 has ended. Whilst you may be recovering from a night out of partying, or from staying indoors with friends and family and celebrated over a bottle of bubbly, it is time to start considering some new year resolutions.

For many of you who know me, know that over the last 4 years I have filmed and edited thousands of videos for clients. And one of the things I noticed over the last year, well..what everyone’s noticed, is the rise of video use on all social medias.

Facebook introduced its live stream recording, Instragram included a stories feature so users could make mini sketches & Gary Vaynerchuk announced that Snapchat was going to be big for reaching millennials in business.

For me, words cannot describe how glad I am that video is appearing more and more as for a long time, since I started working as a cameraman and producer, I’ve been saying how important videos will be to keep conversions going in business. We have  officially entered a digital age where individuals are looking to social media to find out about coaches and businesses before reaching out to them for their products and services.

What I do find hilariously interesting is how Youtube is completely overlooked. It’s so engrained into our lives as a norm, we just don’t think about it as a business platform, it’s just a place to visit to learn everything we want to know! All of those above features have been on Youtube for a long time, and  now other social media platforms are finally catching up. But in my opinion they still  are lacking particular elements that compared to Youtube, make it great for businesses.

Free Marketing

Les start off with the fact that the moment you upload a video to Youtube, it is instantly searchable. If you add decent thumbnails, titles, descriptions and tags, you can see your video being highly sought after in your niche. You reach an international audience and get increased SEO almost instantaneously! And that’s before you even share your videos on Facebook or tease it on Instagram or do any paid marketing. Thus increasing your subscriber quickly and efficiently.

Free Money

With many of the social medias, you need a huge following to start making serious money. Youtube isn’t ruled out by this also, but you do have the added bonus of videos making money via monetization, which the other platforms do not. The more videos you make and release, the more money you can make, and faster.

Least Time Investment

The problem with writing regular statuses, taking 3-6 photos a day or trying to show in stories how interesting your daily life is, is that it is also very time consuming and draining. I’ve met many users who have given up over time as it’s just too much to stay on top of. Hootsuite or similar software’s are too confusing or they don’t want to pay someone else to run their social medias. Consistency is important for any platform you use, but with Youtube, you can film all of your content in…a day! with enough planning, research and preparation, a month’s content can be easily created in a very short period of time. Youtube also allows for scheduling much like the other platforms, but gives you the flexibility to plan future videos and spend the time focusing on other business matters thereafter.

Catalogue of Content

This is probably the most important one of all, the database you can create with your videos, so when viewers come across your channel, they are continuously learning and connecting more with you. If you’re a coach or business looking to increase sales in 2017, a catalogue of your skills, knowledge and expertise is really going to show you off in the best possible way. The more videos people watch from you, the stronger the rapport and the easier it is to convert to sales and make some serious return of investment (ROI).

To me, Facebook is just a way to show how popular you are among peers, Snapchat for showing behind the scenes to your business and Instagram..well..I’m still figuring out. But all of which can and should be connected to a Youtube channel as the spine to your social medias, linking them altogether and storing your evergreen videos that will be continuously searched for years to come.

As a new years resolution I highly recommend to consider starting a Youtube channel for your business. what may start off slow and tedious will in time pay off. As video popularity increases more this year, why not get ahead of your competition and start your channel before they do, because as of now, people are searching for you!

As the old Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now”.

Daniel Colbert AKA CameraDan, Youtube Strategist


YouTube Strategist

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