Using videos to promote yourself is a fantastic way to built a strong rapport with your audience and potential clients. But just making videos for the sake of them, and not really thinking about the content, can have more of a negative outcome rather than a positive one on your results.

Over the years I can honestly say I’ve filmed with over 100+ clients and when it’s come to any project where I have needed to step in and coach, I have always encouraged the idea that what you see is what you get. What viewers should see on a Youtube video is the exact person in real life. To achieve this, your videos need to be done right. So I want to give you a few steps or actions that you can implement to make more impactful videos so none of your content ever goes to waste.

  1. Prepare your videos

There have been a handful of people I have consulted over the years who have completely lost credibility due to improper or no research in what they’ve spoken about in videos. They have been completely disproven by their fellow competitors because of not making any sense with their content.

Highly impactful videos are filled with plenty of value. You need to know what it is you are talking about and be confident with it. If your videos are just fluff talk and your waffling, then why would anyone want to work with you? why should someone want to hand over money to you if you’re talking nonsense?

To prepare your videos, keep each video topic very specific. Bullet point, don’t write a script, all of the issues that you wish to talk about in your videos. The more prepared you are, the clearer your content will be for viewers to understand. It also gives you the time to get all your facts straight. This can include anything from research for videos to experiences of yourself or clients you may choose to disclose.

  1. Practice your content before making videos

It doesn’t matter what the topic or content is about, it is super important to rehearse every part of your videos before filming. If you want to appear as professional as possible, practising your content will produce a more natural flow of information as it’ll fresh in your mind. You also create your own natural script, rather than writing and reading a script which tends to make people look and sound more robotic on camera.

I suggest to clients to practice in front of a mirror, or to film themselves and review. There’s no rush when it comes to making impactful videos. If it takes six, seven, eight or nine takes till your content is perfect, then so be it. This level of practice also makes it easier to remember everything you wish to express to your viewers. All my clients have experienced this and to their surprise, they can make full on videos with no cuts or retakes, rather than having short video clips spliced together.

  1. Preach your values

Never be afraid to voice your opinions. I think every video that I have come across has in some form or another been controversial. Holding back your views or worse…not believing what you’re saying is the truth, can also implicate your position as a professional in your field.

Whatever your topic is, ALWAYS have conviction with your words. Believe what you’re saying is the truth. This will in turn reflect on your attitude towards the videos and importantly take hold on your body language. You will stand taller, smile more and confidently express your opinions and emotions.

So to summarise, if you can follow and remember these 3 P’s: Prepare, Practice and Preach. Videos will be easier to produce, you demonstrate more confidence in yourself and your words and of course appear more presentable. Thus making videos highly impactful and creating a stronger rapport with your audience.

Daniel Colbert AKA CameraDan

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