Youtube has been around for a decade now, and it’s the second most visited website on the internet after Google. So if you aren’t using Youtube as part of your business plan yet, then let me explain why you should be using Youtube.

Reason No.1 Reaching an International Audience

The moment you click the ‘publish’ button, your video is released for the world to see! Dependant on the meta tags you use when you release the video, you have a unique opportunity to reach your niche or wide-scale audience on or in selected areas you choose to target.

whether videos go viral or not, they still give you the maximum amount of publicity and of course promotion of your business and brand. Using Youtube to publicise your business can be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote yourself. which leads me onto my second reason for Youtube…

Reason No.2 Free Marketing

If you have content that the vast majority of viewers want to watch, then your videos will not only spread like wildfire, but the likelihood is that these viewers will want to see more from you, and eventually… buy from you. The profit made as a ROI will be much greater than if you spend money through advertising.

But let me state now, I don’t suggest to not try paid advertising, as that will also help you to reach your niche faster, especially if you are using other social medias, but why not also consider reaching an audience completely free on Youtube.

One of my clients, Hayley Quinn, has currently reached an audience of 73,000 subscribers on her Youtube. Through consistency of releasing videos, she has made tens of thousands of pound through monetisation and upsells to her numerous services, and you know what, she hasn’t spent a penny on advertising.

Reason No.3 Videos Build A Stronger Relationship with Clients

The problem with any kind of non video advertisement is that the prospects who see your adverts don’t get to put a voice to the face. Rapport isn’t built through seeing a picture on an advertisement, or through a written status, But Instead rapport is built through hearing someone’s opinions and seeing someone’s personality shine on camera, on video.

The more people get to see you, hear you and connect with you through your videos, then no matter which video they watch or how many, when it comes to selling to these viewers, there is an much higher percentage who are willing to buy from you.

Reason No. 4 Your Videos are ‘Evergreen’

Evergreen videos are videos with content that will never go out of date or style. So if a viewer watches your videos today, they will also be very watchable in 6 months time. this leads to the possibility of setting up video funnels that continuously bring in traffic and clients through new and older videos. Videos never need to be taken down and videos add to your catalogue of available content. I’ve had clients who have made sales through videos that were published years ago, along with some published only a few weeks ago or last week.

Reason No.5  Youtube Builds an Online Community and Mailing List for YOU

Now this won’t happen magically overnight, but given a period of time, if you’re putting out content regularly, you will attract a mass following. What can be overlooked is that you then have a Youtube channel it essentially acts as a mailing list for you and your services.

You also have the opportunity to act as an affiliate and make money through promoting other people products and services if they, or you, choose to collaborate. This then opens up more opportunities to create extra avenues of revenue and be seen as a key person of influence. Depending on what your channel is to do with, you might find brands reach out to you as a sponsor if you promote or mention them in videos. You see this happen a lot with many of the big creators on Youtube.

So if you aren’t using Youtube as of yet to promote yourself,  I hope you can see just how beneficial it can be if you invest some time into growing it. The speed of your channels growth solely depends on how much you invest in it. Creating great content for your viewers on a consistent basis will no doubt see your business gain traction. And if you get stuck, that’s why I’m here.

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