Many people see running a Youtube channel as a chore, and in a way it is. But there are things that can make your life easier as a Youtuber that gives you more time to do the things you love and less time wasted redoing videos. So if you can follow these 5 practical tips, you won’t have to spend all day everyday sitting on Youtube and hoping your videos make sales.

Plan Your Videos

Before you do any videos, you need to plan exactly what it is you want to film. Rather than wasting your filming days and scratching your head to figure out content, plan and research in advance. The more prepared you are for filming, the less stressful your filming days will be. And if you find yourself struggling with content, then point number two is for you!

Ask Your Audience What They Want

The best kind of videos you can make for a Youtube Channel is content that your viewers, or more importantly your prospects, want to see. Making videos for your viewers is a great way to encourage them to check out your videos and keep them coming back for more. For conversion videos, it’s a fantastic way to sway people to work with you if they were on the fence about doing so in the first place. You also build a list of videos to make, ruling out the tricky question of what videos to make next. It’s good to have a backlog of ideas!

Practice What You Want to Preach

The last thing I want any of my clients doing, is making a video for the sake of it. Every video you produce must have a purpose for being there, otherwise it won’t benefit you, your audience or your business. So when making videos, do them right! Practice and prepare the content that you want to make. The more prepared you are for filming then the less time it takes to make the videos. Imagine being able to make perfect videos in one take, rather than doing them half a dozen times. This all comes with practice and time, but the more you get used to being ready for the camera, the better your videos will be and the faster you will complete them.

Dedicated Time to Filming

Ideally you want to be releasing at least two videos a week onto your channel. That’s between 8-10 videos minimum necessary per month, for that quota. So rather than purposely dedicating time every week to film (unless that works for you), why not schedule one day a month to do all of your filming. This can also take the pressure off of finding the time to film each week, along with increasing the time allowance before the next set of videos need filming.

Scheduling Videos

The last point that will make your life easier is scheduling videos. In case you weren’t aware, you can actually set a time and date of when you would like to release your videos. No longer do you have to sit in front of the pc and wait for the release moment, just upload all your videos at once, schedule times and walk away. Perhaps you’re busy over the coming weeks, taking a holiday or busy with work, scheduling videos means you spend the minimal amount of time having to worry about them. You also have more freedom do book in future days of filming.

And there you have it! 5 things that will make your life easier as a Youtuber! I hope you put these into practice and discover that using Youtube as part of your business, really doesn’t take up as much time and effort as you thought.

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