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Isn't It Time YOU Breakup With Your Anxiety?

Are you ready to end your long-term relationship with anxiety to discover a new, healthier & more meaningful way to have relationships with yourself & others?

Does Anxiety Hold You Back From Having A Dating Life You Deserve?

Have you ever had experiences that have haunted you throughout your life?Perhaps you were rejected by someone you liked, bullied in school or work, had a divorce, or found yourself in toxic friendships & relationships.

Things turn worse when you rely on these collected negative thoughts & memories to define your Identity & beliefs, this person you believe to be "you".

So you predict that your dating life can't be successful or change for the better... you avoid doing anything about it at all. You eventually feel stuck, trapped & unable to see an outcome where things can be positive & in doing so, you feed your negative thoughts more to create an unending loop...

I'm here to tell you that with the right help, this cycle can be broken.

Most Common Reasons Men Struggle
To Fix Their Dating Lives

No Accountability/ No Responsibility

Without someone holding you accountable or responsible for taking steps towards your goals, it's too easy to delay doing the things you need to do & to get the results you want to achieve. If you're constantly putting off taking action on your own, you will never take action.

Change Takes Effort

Creating any change takes energy, but this can also be misinterpreted with motivation. If you're complaining about a lack of motivation, remember this, the motivation you're hoping for, will never come. You have to be actively & incrementally taking action to create the motivation you desire for success.

Underlying Traumas Aren't Dealt With

Negative memories & emotions can manifest in ways that prevent you from living a normal life. You may be trapped in a constant state of anxiety, develop strong limiting beliefs about yourself & even find yourself repeating the bad habits & routines that fed the negativity in the first place, fuelling the first two points.

What Can I Help You With?

Having clocked over 20,000+ hours working with clients in the dating & self improvement industries since 2009, Working with 300+ self improvement coaches & therapists, 80+ dating & relationship coaches & having been a dating coach (once upon a time) myself, I understand all the necessary change work to create a healthy dating life & setting realistic expectations to achieve them.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Removing negative memories

The two IEMT sessions will explore your past memories, emotions & identities you may have about yourself. We all pick up negative beliefs and experiences in life, most of the time they aren’t an issue, but when you start becoming held back because of your past, an intervention may be necessary. The use of IEMT looks to go on a journey with you through these negative memories, emotions & identities & detach the way you think & feel about them. 

During the first session, we specifically look at your negative emotions and memories. Using the tools of IEMT, we work on specific memories and emotions you may have, & bring down their intensity levels. Changing the way you feel about these tough memories can change the way in which the brain holds onto them & perceives them. Hopefully, with lower intensity levels of those painful memories & emotions, they may no longer be a problem, & you may see them in a completely different light. This change may help you to move on, taking more positive steps with your life without the feeling of being held back. This is perfect for those with Anxiety, low confidence, PTSD, sadness, depression and more. 

The Second session we take a look at your identities & limiting beliefs about yourself & how others may have labelled you. We can be our worst critic at times and collect experiences that shape our identity. Again, using the tools of IEMT, we can explore these beliefs & look to reduce or remove them. We can begin shifting your negative beliefs about yourself to a place where new identities & new positive beliefs can replace them. This can create a new desire for self motivation & a drive to do good, positive things with your life. 

The two IEMT sessions are to be booked 7-9 days apart from each other, giving an opportunity for you to test the change, & homework I may give, between the sessions. We also have a follow up call precisely a week after your second session, allowing me to check in with your progress & for you to further test the changes. 

During the two week period, I am reachable, if you have any questions or if there is an emergency. 

Everything we talk about during our sessions will remain confidential & discrete. Only in the unlikely scenario that the police or medical professional are involved with you in some form will certain information be shared if deemed necessary & applicable. 

*Please remember, Integral Eye Movement Therapy is NOT a cure for your problems. It is a toolset that can look to reduce or remove your negative memories & emotions but is not a guarantee. The sessions together explore the issues you have, to create positive changes, but must be tested with taking action, & working towards the goals that you were once held back on achieving. Having IEMT & then taking no action will result in no change at all. I want to work with people who are looking to move forward in their lives & remove those boundaries restricting them to do so.*

2 IEMT Sessions followed by a follow up call 
Homework before & after sessions to test for changes
Works on negative memories/ emotions/ limiting beliefs/ identity/ labels/ low confidence/ anxiety/ PTSD

Life Coaching

Accountability & Taking Action

Over the course of 10 or 20 sessions, we look to explore a particular area of your life or multiple areas that you want to improve on. Working together to discover the best way for you to reach your goals & move towards living a happier & more fulfilled life. At times it may feel hard or be a struggle, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Holding you accountable for every action step you take to move you forward. I believe in giving someone tough love & discipline is the best form of motivation & earning achievements. 

As such, I will push you with a somewhat strict approach, but then balance that, making sure your personal development process is enjoyable. After all, it’s about the journey, not just the destination, & I want you to appreciate the results you worked hard for. 

Before we work together, our discovery call will look at the 10 different areas of your life to potentially be worked on, & to confirm that I’m the right coach for you, along with setting realistic expectations of results during our time together.

Between our sessions, which will comprise of one session per week, homework’s will be set to incrementally work you towards your goals. Any form of life coaching includes plenty of experiential training, meaning if you want to succeed, you have to be willing to try & fail from experiences to grow. 

Working with a life coach, you can reach success if you actively try & accomplish the tasks we set during our sessions. I can only guide and support you on your journey; you must be the one to walk the path. Sitting around doing nothing will not get you results. But, if there are boundaries that are reached then the Integral Eye Movement Therapy may help to alleviate them, so do consider taking this therapy also.

Choose working on dating or any area of your life 
24/7 support & accountability as you work towards goals
Choose 1 hour weekly sessions or alternatively use the equivalent time as 30/60/90 minute sessions within a time period (Mid term 6 months & Long term 12 months).

iemt & Life coaching Hybrid

Achieving Self-Actualization

This is can the perfect combination for you if you’re looking to work with, or are currently working with, a dating coach. Whilst the dating coach will be pushing your boundaries, pushing you to talk with new people, our time together will hold you accountable for your actions & remove your anxieties that arise along the way. Being able to work in collaboration with your dating coach will see you achieve better results and faster, as we can discuss and implement the best course of action for you where necessary. 

Alternatively, if you aren’t simultaneously working with another coach but looking to accelerate yourself to achieving any of your life goals, my coaching will help you to identify what you need to improve on, & actively set goals to work towards them, along with removing the anxieties & walls you hit along the way using IEMT. 

By reducing the path of resistance & holding you accountable for your actions, you will ultimately reach your goals faster than you deemed possible.

Whether you are working with another coach or not, we have 2 sessions per week (one IEMT, One Life coaching session) for 5 weeks. We can work on specific goals you have or overall life improvements, it’s entirely up to you & what I am here to help with.

4 IEMT sessions + 6 Life Coaching Sessions
Recommended programme if you're working simultaneously with a dating coach
One of each session type per week, with homework, accountability & support to test for changes and push you to achieve your goals.

Coaching Programmes

When you're ready to remove your negative memories & be held accountable for achieving your dating & lifestyle goals, these are the programmes I have to offer.

eye movement therapy


2 x 90 mins IEMT sESSIONS

Remove your negative memories, emotions & limiting beliefs.

Follow-Up Call
Online Only
1 Session Per Week
Weekly Homework


iemt & Lifecoaching



The tailored programme if you're working with a dating or relationship coach.

24/7 Support
Online Only
2 sessions A Week
Consistent Homework




Mid term accountability to achieve minimal dating & lifestyle goals.

24/7 Support
Online or In-person
30/60/90 min Sessions
Consistent Homework




Long term accountability for achieving a complete dating & lifestyle transformation.

24/7 Support
Online or In-person
30/60/90 min Sessions
Consistent Homework


Commonly asked questions

Is the coaching only for men & dating issues?

The programmes available are for anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives and work towards achieving their goals, in dating or any other area.

What needs to happen for us to work together?

Before working together, you need to fill in a client form (which I first send to you), and then we have a consultation/ discovery call to make sure we are right to work together & make sure I'm the right coach for you.

Are the sessions online or in person?

IEMT & life coach sessions are available for online and in-person, entirely up to you which you prefer. But, if IEMT sessions are in person, this costs a further £50 per session to cover the costs of hiring the therapy room. A deposit will have to be taken for this of which there is no refund once the room is booked.

What happens during the discovery call?

Once I've received your client form & happy with it, we can book in our call. This will be between 30-60 minutes discussing your form, discussing working together, expectations & ground rules & even an IEMT demo.

Do I need to prepare anything for the sessions?

No, I will set you appropriate homework prior to each session for you to complete to the best of your ability.

Is the Eye Movement Therapy just for dating?

No, Integral Eye Movement Therapy is for anyone looking to remove any kind of negative memory and trauma they wish to work on, any limiting belief preventing them from moving forward. This is not limited to dating.

How do I pay for the coaching?

I will give you my bank details to take payment. Once payment is received, we can progress to scheduling in your sessions. I am also open to payments in crypto.

What happens if I change my mind?

If you paid but have not had any sessions yet, I am happy to give you a refund, on the condition it is a justifiable reason, not an excuse to get out of making life changes. Remember, you're paying me to break this habit! Otherwise your sessions will continue to go ahead. Please be certain about committing.

Can I get a refund on our sessions?

If after the first session you decide it isn't for you, then I will give you a refund but charge a £200 cancellation fee, covering the cost of the first session only. Once we start our second session, there is a no refund policy. You will be committed to completing the chosen programme.

Do you offer discounts or referrals?

Anyone you refer to me, once they have fully paid and completed their second session, I currently offer a 10% commission as a thank you for whichever programme they purchase.

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 I want to work with people who: 

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Open minded to exploring new methods
Accepts responsibility for their actions
Ready to be held accountable
Are ready to invest in themselves
Want a more fulfilling life
Wants to face their fears
Wants to move forward in life
Ready to work hard for their results
Willing to learn & adapt
Accepts change won't happen overnight

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