So I might not look like Clarke Kent with the geeky glasses and work for a newspaper, but my alter ego is certainly a superhero! And I may not have come from another planet (although my family might disagree!) but certainly I do have an interesting story on how I became an entrepreneur, a cameraman and producer working with celebrities and high class experts, and advising so many people on how they can use Youtube as part of their business.

It all started with a placebo…

Back in 2012, filming events was more of a side business. I had a normal day job and had just finished university, unsure what or where I wanted to work next. A friend of mine at the time had posted on Facebook that he was applying for a Derren Brown experiment, and I too decided to give it a go.

Roll on 6 months later, the episode ‘Derren Browns Fear and Faith Part 1’ airs on TV and I get to see my 10 minutes of fame. Now I won’t go into detail about what happened, you can watch the episode online, But the experience had changed my life. What had originally in the first month began as a fear-curing pill, moved onto something that gave me a huge motivational kick and found myself inspired on a daily basis to push my boundaries in life and business. It was from the experience that encouraged me to leave my job at the time ad begin working for myself.

As the years progress to present day, I found myself becoming an expert in different fields. What had first started off as a cameraman, led to producing videos, coaching people on presentation skills, website development, online marketing and building digital products to my current and favourite job role, Being a Youtube Strategist.


So what is a Youtube Strategist you may be asking? its someone who trains you to incorporate the use of videos and Youtube into your business and strategically release content to make you an income. I realised there was a need for this when I first started filming with many of my long-term clients. It began with helping to plan and research content to produce, then leading to me running their Youtube channels and helping to strategise videos and see a return of investment.

All my clients have made profits as little as hundreds of pounds to as much as tens of thousands! Either making their income through monetisation, getting new and recurring clients or making money by selling a product or service.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to have worked with and consulted some big industry leaders (such as LinkedIn & Google) and the highest experts in their fields (Radio DJ’s, Comedians, Dating Coaches, Life Coaches, Cooking experts, etc). I’ve consulted teenagers to use Youtube as a portfolio for job applications and helped Start-ups to fund their businesses & products ideas. No Matter what someone’s business or Ideas are, I help people to use Youtube to achieve their desired goals.

This brings us to present day..

These days I talk at events about using Youtube and consult clients on growing a Youtube channel. I’m fortunate to say that I have a job that I love & the real thrill comes from seeing others succeed too. I guess you could say that it’s a moral duty to help others if I have the power to do so. Isn’t that the responsibility of every superhero?

If you ever need my help, I’m here when you’re ready!

Yours Sincerely

Daniel Colbert AKA CameraDan

The Youtube Strategist and video Marketing Coach

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