Nearly two weeks have passed now since I spoke at the Google Campus in London, and every day that goes by, I keep thinking of how much of an amazing experience it was. So I wanted to share with you my evening and how it made an impact on me, as well as my audience.

On the 17th October was the day of my talk. It was a mixture of excitement and nerves that followed me all day and up until the evening. I arrived in the Liverpool Street area a little earlier than planned, so I kept myself busy until it was time to head to the campus.

I sat in the nearest park and read my presentation notes. Keeping it all fresh in my head so I knew I’d get it right. The weather slowly changed and I decided it best to just head there, even though it was a tad early. I didn’t want to be doing a talk on Youtube marketing all soaked.

After a couple minutes walk, I was there. Getting indoors before it poured. I met up with a lady called Laura. Laura is one of the main folk who run a large tech and start-up group called Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers. With a database of over 25,000 members, they were a really big deal! I had actually met Laura before. I did a talk for another group of hers nearly 6 months ago with a similar Youtube talk. My last talk was 90 minutes, this time it was 25 minutes with more of a focus afterwards for questions.

In the time before the doors opened, I kept myself busy with going over my notes once more, and chatting to the other speaker of the evening, Zsolt. He was going to be the first speaker and advising ‘hacks’ on Facebook adverts and marketing. A really down to earth guy with a hell of a lot of knowledge.

The doors eventually opened and people slowly began to arrive. Being drip fed into the room the seats slowly started to fill. Not before long, the large room at the Google campus filled to the brim. With nearly 270 sign ups to the event, around 200 Hipsters, Hackers and hustlers members were now in the room. The event was ready to begin.

I remember standing at the back of the room and feeling the nerves slowly kicking in. I haven’t done a lot of public speaking, but this was a large audience, over 3x what I was used to. Zsolt’s talk passed by quick, and before I knew it, so had his questions. Now it was my turn…

As I was called to the stage I took a deep breath. My first 30 seconds I felt the nerves, but as soon as I got into my content, the nerves just vanished. I felt comfortable with nearly 200 eyes on me and began to share my knowledge on Youtube marketing.

I started off talking about the different strategies there are to using Youtube and asked the audience to raise their hands to discover which strategy was relevant to who. Slowly I transitioned to talking about Monetisation and how it works, to talking about the Youtube funnel, Who your ideal audience is and it’s important, to the most interesting part of my philosophies, the traffic and conversion videos. Teasing just as I finished my talk the different personality traits that can affect making sales and gaining subscribers.


Everyone had applauded and a sigh of relief consumed me. The questions were good and interesting, although some I felt weren’t really relevant to my talk and admittedly I did feel taken by surprise. Just shows you can have as much knowledge as possible on your field of expertise, but you can still be caught off guard. Eventually my time on stage had ended and I was proud to say that I’ve now spoken to my largest audience. The Google Campus was certainly a fantastic place to have a new personal best.

Fast forward to the end of the evening, after some of the audience pitched their businesses on stage to connect with others, Myself and Zsolt were swamped by interesting questions. I had a good dozen people surround me and ask me questions on Youtube Marketing and things they could be implementing. I loved every moment of the evening and so glad I did it. Every one there seemed so very grateful from my talk, and even feedback was HUGELY positive.

Thank you Laura and Robert (Founder & CEO) of Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers for such a unique experience and one that I will never forget.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my message about Youtube and how it can be used as part of your business. I want to do more talks, events, workshops and podcasts to share my message. So if you would like me to do any of these for your audience, please do get in contact!

Daniel Colbert AKA CameraDan

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