YouTube SEO Mastery Course

If you want your videos to get to the top of searches or be seen by thousands of viewers, your SEO needs to be good. It could be the difference from getting little to no views to tens of thousands or more, bringing in more traffic and sales than you could have imagined. Whether you're new to YouTube or have been releasing content for a while, this course will give you everything you need to know to get your videos ahead of your competition and to the top of the search pages. 

Watch over 2 hours of SEO content, spanning over 30 lectures.

Influencer Initiator Course (Coming Soon)

Starting to make content on camera can be daunting for anyone if they aren't use to it. In fact, poorly produced videos won't get you sales & can even go as far as damaging your reputation. In this course, learn everything there is to know about presenting on camera & how to effectively prepare & practice your content so you come off smooth & professional. 

As an added bonus, I'm also including all my techniques that I use on my clients to bring out the best in them, so you can produce professional content when filming someone else, in case you're also the one behind the camera, instead of being in front.

What My Clients Are Saying...

Over the many years I have worked with hundreds of coaches and dozens of businesses, ranging from filming, editing, producing & directing, coaching presentation skills on camera, web development & branding, and of course all things YouTube. Browse through my 60+ testimonials that I'm proud to share as my portfolio and find the ones relevant to your interest in working with me. You may even spot a coach or two you recognise or know!

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