So a while back I wrote an article about traffic and conversion videos and this article is a somewhat continuation. To summarise I spoke about how videos are split into two umbrella categories:

Traffic – to draw in an audience; Conversion – to convert the audience into sales

Underneath these two titles are what I would describe as ‘personality traits’. Traits that when used within videos can increase the impact of them being viral or convert higher sales. In total there are 5 personality traits and within these, are what I would call ‘elements’. Elements are the basic ideas that can form a video, and with over 40 ideas to use, content creation can be both fun, exciting and beneficial for a channel. The elements is something I teach on my training, but for now, let’s look at the 5 personality traits.

Traffic: Viral

When a video is designed purely for entertainment purposes, its purpose is for it to be seen and shared vastly. They are usually short and to the point with the content, and entertaining enough that encourages viewers to pass it on. Prank videos are probably the best example of this as they tend to spread like wildfire and rack up millions of views.

Traffic: Trending

Videos that cover something that is currently happening in the world are counted as trending videos. As any online marketer will tell you, if something is highly searched for on the internet, it’s worth making sure you are using all the same keywords or writing articles based around that topic/ issue. The same applies in videos and as an example, news videos and channels are a great source of information in discovering what is currently happening in the world or even your industry.

Traffic: General Interest

I describe these kinds of videos as the ‘unintentional virals’ of Youtube. Videos that may not just be entertainment based, but more likely educational based. A video that has gathered the interest of many and has again been shared virally like the ‘viral’ videos. An example of this might be a cooking recipe that everyone suddenly wants to try.

Conversion: Knowledge

Now moving onto the conversion videos, ‘knowledge’ or ‘advice’ videos are designed for sharing as much wisdom and experience about a particular topic or interest. Most coaches and experts that I know of film themselves being interviewed or are interviewing another expert for their channel. This is a great example of really sharing as much value as possible with the viewer and not necessarily capping the video length.

Conversion: Demonstration of Service

This last trait is simply about showing off the skills of the business, brand or yourself. A personal trainer might show the transformation of one of their clients or a host might share his or her testimonials from that event.

Hopefully this gives you some clarity into breaking down videos to ones you want to make, and what to consider. During my coaching I not only help clients with covering these and the 40+ elements needed for content creation, but I help to then strategise the release of the content, which ones, where to release and when.

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