If you aren’t using videos as of yet, let me share with you 5 things you should be aware of. Videos can have a very powerful influence over your viewers, so if you are someone who’s camera shy, it’s time to face your fears, stand in front of a camera and show how you can impact the world…

Going Viral & Becoming An Influencer

It only takes one amazing video to shoot you to stardom. If videos go viral you can earn tens of thousands of subscribers, millions of views and more importantly, become a key person of influence. A great power to have in videos is to be someone whose views and opinions are listened to and respected. This can lead to sales, job opportunities and more as you’ll read next.

Channel Portfolios & Scouted for Opportunities

Whether you’re a student looking to get a job, or perhaps someone looking for a career change, Youtube channels can also be considered a portfolio of your work. Besides having videos or mass subscriber counts to show at job interviews, there are scouts browsing Youtube at every second of the day, searching for something new and exciting they can invest in. In case you didn’t know, this is exactly how Justin Beiber first started off. Singing Usher songs in his home and uploading his videos to Youtube, the videos went viral and Usher saw him sing. Usher was so impressed he took him on to a record label and the rest is history!

One client of mine was invited to fly over to Nevada from the UK, all expenses paid, to do a TedX talk which came from being scouted on Youtube. Another of my clients was invited to coach live on set, one of the main celebrities from The Only Way is Essex for an episode that aired on ITV (also from being scouted on Youtube!).


(My client Johnny Berba with the cast from The Only Way is Essex)

Making an Income via Monetisation

The first video you publish with monetisation enabled can start making you free money instantly! Now…you might not make much in the beginning (Pennies to be exact!), but further down the line you could be making an income from videos if they gain enough attention. The more viral your videos go, the more money you make from advertisements over your videos. So produce videos that people want to see and are entertaining and you’re guaranteed to get a hit every time!

Upselling Products, Workshops & Services

Videos have a fantastic ability of showing viewers who you are. The more videos your audience watch, the more rapport is built between you and them. If you demonstrate yourself enough, if people come to love you and respect your brand or image, they will buy whatever it is you want to sell. My clients have made tens of thousands of pounds and dollars through demonstrating their knowledge and skills in videos and how bespoke their services are. Earning new clients or making money through sales couldn’t be easier!

Collaborations & Sponsors

A big thing that does tend to happen, if you keep putting yourself in the limelight, is the contact of others who either wish to work with you in a video or pay you to mention them. Both of these can see you making serious amounts of money depending on how many collaborations you do or sponsors you take. For those who choose to collaborate with you, it’s an opportunity for each of you to be promoted on the others platform, channel or mailing lists. You could earn thousands more followers or sales by reaching a new audience completely free, no matter how big or small they are.

Sponsors though are quite happy to take the back seat and let you do as you will, as long you mention them in videos, they will pay you. Ultimately, this promotion in the long run will see traffic also going to them as a key person of influence (YOU) recommends them.

If you need help with growing your Youtube channel and becoming a key person of influence, I have packages to suit every occasion. If you need filming, are new to Youtube or already have an existing channel, feel free to contact me via my website.

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