Just before writing this article I had a message come through on LinkedIn, from a guy out in India asking me to subscribe to his Youtube channel. I figured I would have a look and at the very least give him some advice if he needed it. So I clicked the link to check it out and once I’m there, I’m puzzled..The first thing I say to myself is “I have no idea why this guy is asking me to subscribe¬† when he hasn’t even got any content! what’s his channel about?!”

So here’s the advice I gave him and the same I’d like to give to you.. There is no point asking random strangers, who you don’t know or your business, to subscribe to your channel especially if the channel has no content and doesn’t make sense on what viewers will expect. I respectfully told him this and explained that he would grow his channel when he started delivering good content. If you want to grow your channel, this is the equation you need to follow, and I can assure you this is 100% guaranteed.

Value + Consistency = Channel Growth


Just to clarify, when I say value, I don’t mean the cost of the video. I mean the value of content that you share in the videos that is then expressed to your viewers. Whether your business is based on tutorials, demonstrations of products or services or even prank-style videos, it’s your audience that will determine if it is valuable or of interest to them.


Now you can’t just rely on a one-off video that’s going to blow your viewers away. You need to be consistent with your video release. YouTube’s algorithm will see you as someone who is dedicated to putting out content on their channel and will in turn push promoting you through the searches. It also shows your audience you are someone who releases regular, interesting content and they should come back for more.

Channel Growth

The combination of adding value and consistency with videos will ultimately create a positive cycle within your channel. Viewers come back to videos, they subscribe, they watch more videos, YouTube’s algorithm promotes you more and brings in new visitors etc. These subscribers will be loyal fans and in time will be interested in buying any product or service you might offer them.

Please heed my advice and I can assure you your channel will grow with this equation. Focus on making really good videos and releasing them on a regular basis and before you know it, you’ll have a successful channel.

And if you want to find out more about how I might be able to speed this process up, I’m more than happy to talk. You can reach me at dan@cameradan.co.uk

Daniel Colbert AKA CameraDan

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