“Hey CameraDan! so what is it that you do?”

“I’m a Youtube, strategist”

“That sounds different! what’s that?”

As soon as the inevitable question of jobs comes up in every conversation, it always starts off like this. For me, I love the expression on people’s faces as it’s a combination of both excitement and intrigue. Like there’s been a twist in their favourite TV episode or something of the sort. For me, as I love my job, this is a part that always makes me feel excited about sharing what it is I do and how I help. And here it is for you readers too.

So as a Youtube Strategist or Youtube coach, I help people to use videos and Youtube as part of their business. To strategise and plan content that ultimately converts viewers into clients or consumers. Nearly everyone on the internet must have some point visited Youtube for one reason or another. What many overlook is its element of business use. They miss out on the opportunity of building a fan base, of building a stronger relationship with their viewers and with my help, I help people come to terms with this.

Using Youtube is also a lot easier than people expect. The hardest part of Youtube is building the foundation and making sure content is aimed at the right audience. After that, it all comes down to consistency and giving people what they want and delivering in the appropriate way.

I like using the example of a person going to a gym vs. going to a personal trainer.

Someone will go to a gym and try all sorts of equipment, but never really doing it right. Yes, they may get some result but not as much as going to someone who knows what they are doing. When I went to a personal trainer for a fitness challenge I set myself, I saw incredible results and much faster and more impactful that all the years of me going gym, on and off, over the years. What then helped after was that I learned and understood what I needed to do to work on my body, and continued to do it properly today.

With Youtube, the same applies.

Creators use Youtube but never really implement a strategy. After working with me I teach them everything they need to do it right and to comfortably continue, on their own, after we finish working together. They see better results and make more return of investment than they did before. This is exactly how I helped to grow Hayley Quinn’s channel to 77k subscribers (in 2 years) and Johnny Berba’s channel to 19k subscribers (within 1 year) at the time.

So if you’re someone who uses Youtube, then why not consider to do it right. I love using Youtube and even more so as a Youtube Strategist. So if you need some guidance, I’d love to chat about it.

Daniel Colbert AKA CameraDan



YouTube Strategist

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