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I want to make your experience of using videos & YouTube so much easier. At a glance, YouTube can be overwhelming, confusing & certainly an uphill struggle for most, if you have no idea what to do. I want to give you all the tools & training you need to go off, manage & help your channel to successfully grow & build a strong, positive reputation attached to it.

I first got into YouTube a year after it was released back in 2005. I had been involved with it in some form or another since that time. Creating & making my own content or managing and maintaining others. I learned very quickly the potential YouTube had for business purposes & the money that could be made through monetisation & online sales. Since that time I’ve grown up with the platform & developed my understandings, philosophies & theories. 

Having built channels that had both successes & failures in my early years, through trial and error I was able to eventually build my own replicable strategy that I can proudly say that when followed, works every time if the effort is put in. My clients in total have earned over 250k+ subscribers with many adding five figures plus a month to their earnings.

I’ve always had a fascination with the self development world, and working with coaches, experts & entrepreneurs in their respected fields has been nothing short of interesting. As someone who works with coaches and in the past, purchased from them, I have an in-depth understanding of what content is necessary to make impactful videos that build rapport with viewers, demonstrating & proving you are the expert that they should want to work with.

When I first started my business & working with clients, I was a cameraman. Filming events, workshops & products eventually evolved into me filming, editing, producing, directing, teaching how to present on camera, website development, creating online sales funnels to finally becoming a YouTube strategist, applying everything I learned all on one platform. 

When a new client works with me I always assume that they know nothing about YouTube & making videos... and to be honest, I love starting my process like that. It’s the opportunity of taking someone with a blank canvas, and giving them a paint-by-numbers process until they can make their own masterpieces. In this case, You learn to build confidence & conviction with growing a channel, evolve into being your own social media manager, content creator & trust the decisions you make with them. These things will develop with time & consistency & success comes to those willing to make the effort.

What You Will Learn

What a keyword is & how to refine them
How to research keywords for your niche
How to create unique titles with strong keywords
How to segment & optimise the description box
My three filtered process to refining meta tags
The importance of removing redundant tags
When & how to mix n match keywords
Mistakes people make & how to avoid
Creating playlist meta tags & powerful thumbnails
How to reduce workload using upload defaults
Creating hashtags & video chapters
How the Like/ Dislike ratio works & how it effects you
How to optimise channel keywords
How to write a strong bio for your channel 
How the YouTube & monetisation algorithms work

What Is YouTube SEO Mastery?

This course is designed to give you the complete guide to gaining more traffic to your content, through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on videos you publish. Whether you're a beginner to releasing content on YouTube or have been doing it for a while, you'll quickly realise how important SEO can be if you want to be seen & heard.

With over 2 hours of content spread over 30 videos (with more added as YouTube continues to evolve), I breakdown in detail how to integrate SEO into every area of your YouTube channel, using the latest techniques & advanced strategies. It includes easy-to-follow guides, exercises & demonstrations for you to follow, so you can do exactly as I have, but for your own niche.

Without a clear understanding of how YouTube SEO works, YouTube can be a very competitive platform to use & at times feel demoralising if your content isn't getting the views or recognition it deserves. I want you to see that YouTube SEO can be simple to do & in time, see your views, likes, comments & subscribers grow faster than you could have imagined.

What's Included In The YouTube SEO Mastery Course?

Section 1 - Defining A Keyword

Introduction to the course (9.48)
Introduction to keywords & where they are used (6.12)
How to research your niche & find your keywords (5.49)
Where will we be adding our keywords? (3.33)

Section 2 - Creating Unique Titles That Include Our Keywords

Mistakes people make: when creating video titles (7.32)
Adding curiosity to your titles with the 'Newspaper Headline' approach (3.29)
Improving your title creativity with the '10 degrees' approach (4.37)

Section 3 - Optimising The Description Box

Mistakes people make: when using the description box (4.33)
Introduction to segmenting the description box (0.45)
Segment 1: the top fold (7.59)
Segment 2: backlinking with social media & weblinks (3.38)
Segment 3: maximising keyword use using your bio (1.38)

Section 4 - Creating Meta Tags & Refining Your Keywords & Phrases

Mistakes people make: when adding meta tags to videos (4.34)
Introduction to my 3 step filtering process to meta tagging (1.54)
Filter 1: adding meta tags associated to you (1.59)
Filter 2: adding meta tags associated to the video (2.53)
Filter 3: refining the associated tags using the search bar (7.21)
Removing redundant meta tags to optimise relevancy (2.58)
Capitalising the word limit with 'Mix n Match' meta tagging (3.30)
Train viewers to search your unique keywords with playlist meta tags (2.35)

Section 5 - More Methods to Optimise Videos & Your YouTube Channel

Reducing the workload using the upload defaults feature (4.00)
Create captivating thumbnails to entice your audience (3.52)
Adding meta tags to 'channel keywords' (1.47)
Writing an optimised bio for the 'About' page & extra backlinking (3.51)
Creating video chapters to increase watch time (5.32)
Creating hash tags to further add meta tagging to videos (7.06)
Understanding the 'like' to 'dislike' video feature (3.22)

Section 6 - YouTube & Monetisation Algorithms & Course Conclusion

YouTube algorithm explained (9.39)
Monetisation algorithm explained (1.49)
Thank you (1.02)

Total watch time: 129 minutes 17 seconds

Total videos: 30

My style of coaching is bespoke. I expect clients to have different learning paces, different levels of confidence & different attitudes to the YouTube platform. I respectfully cater to each of these with plenty of patience & consideration & focus on the problems that my clients struggle with. I want you to be successful in your business & that happens by tackling the challenges head on & making them more digestable & easier to manage. In time you’ll see, YouTube is easy to use & makes for a great extension of any business.

All my clients have succeeded with their channels due to their hard work & level of commitment. They have followed my strict guidance & completed homework’s when requested & released content consistently without slowing down. Building a successful YouTube channel requires a lot of experiential training, trial and error testing of ideas, until that rhythm is eventually found. I want to work with individuals who are willing to put the time into growing their channels & will without a doubt, reap the rewards.

So if you are ready to shift your business to more video related content, don’t hesitate to get in contact & see if I’m the right person to coach you.

Fun Fact: Back in 2012, I was a main participant in a Derren Brown episode that aired on TV, focussing on the concept of the placebo effect. Myself & a group of others were part of an experiment where we were convinced that this drug we were opting to take would cure our fears and phobias, but to be told 3 months later the pill was filled with nothing more than icing from a cake. Although the pill at the time did cure my fears of heights, spiders and claustrophobic spaces, it mostly became a motivational kicker and spurred me to leave me job and start my own business & still going strong at least 10 years later.

Developing Your YouTube Skillset

Let's face it, starting a YouTube channel can be an overwhelming experience if you don't know where to begin or how to create content. Explore my coaching packages on offer & see which suits you. They all help you to get started or improve on content that's already there. Guiding you every step of the way until you can manage you channel, and its content, all independently. 

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