Argos catalogues..who doesn’t own one! It’s a database of products for every occasion. This isn’t my most amazing of metaphors I’ve ever chosen, but it is definitely the most appropriate in terms of how a Youtube channel should be presented. And in this article I would like to explain why your Youtube channel should be more like an Argos catalogue.

Separating Your Content

One of the things that make an Argos catalogue simple to use is how the products are separated into categories. If you need something for the kitchen you go to the kitchen section, if you need something for the bedroom, you go to the bedroom section (hopefully you see what I’m getting at). The point is that the products are separated in a way that makes consumers life’s easier when finding what they are looking for.

When it comes to creating a Youtube channel the same things apply. When a channel is first setup, no playlists are set and you just have a never ending stream of videos that you upload on you channels page. The problem here makes life difficult for your potential subscribers to find specific content they’re after. Playlists allow you to not only separate your videos, but also let others find the videos they want to watch with ease. The clearer the channel looks, the more inclined your viewers will be to subscribe and navigate your channel.

A Catalogue of Content

Argos Catalogues are HUGE! filled with thousand of available products there is literally a product for everything. When a consumer is interested in buying something, the likelihood is that they will find the product they want then continue browsing the catalogue for other items they might consider too. I know from my own experiences, when I go to buy an item from a store, I tend to pick up something else too.

Your Youtube channel should be a catalogue of content for your viewers to search through. The more varied your videos are, the more your audience will be invited to watch another video. And the more videos they watch, the more rapport is built which of course leads to better chances of sales.

A Variation of Thumbnails

All the products in an Argos catalogue are always beautifully well presented. You have a very clear idea of what you see is what you get, that if you buy the item in the book, that is exactly what it looks like in real life. There’s no deception, you’re not being tricked..that is what you get! Also, every page has its own feel and no page ever looks the same. This is what needs to be replicated.

Every video that’s uploaded to your Youtube channel should be clearly represented with a thumbnail that states what to expect in that video. By tricking people or using images that don’t clearly define what the video will be, won’t win you subscribers and may in fact put people off. So keep every thumbnail relevant to its video and give people an honest reason to watch them. If they like what they see, they’ll definitely check out another.

So I hope this article was useful for you and you start making your Youtube channel look more like an Argos catalogue. If you get stuck with anything, then feel free to get in contact.

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