I’ve noticed lately how seriously hard people are trying to push using snapchat for their business and relying on that as the sole platform instead of included it as part of all the others. Now, I agree Snapchat is a fantastic platform to be using for building a mailing list, but for me, Snapchat remains a millennial platform, filled with people entertaining, pranking or making naughty short-clips to attract an audience to attain the ‘influencer’ title. For me, Youtube should be the platform to use and upsell to Snapchat for further behind-the-scenes-content.

Here are 5 reasons why Youtube will undoubtedly be the best platform for new content creators, millennial or older generations.

On The Rise

Just this year, Youtube has introduced a new feature called on the rise to encourage new creators to join in the use of the platform. Everyday a channel in a niche (currently just artists), that has at least 1000 subscribers, is promoted on the trending tab. This is a fantastic opportunity for channels to get the subscriber boosts they deserve. One day they may have just over 1k subs, the next they may have 10k!

Content Creation Workshops

Youtube has locations worldwide where they host events and workshops to train new users how to use Youtube and how to make videos. They fact that they even have this in place and put the effort into training up individuals with Youtube just as I do to me shows how much they want people to grow their channel for fun or for business.

Youtube Spaces

Not only does Youtube offer training for creators, they also offer locations for people to work from and offer equipment. Many new start-ups and/or individuals just don’t know what equipment or software to by, and find themselves a little stuck. Youtube offers its creators the opportunity to rent for free and work in an environment that supports you with everything you need. So if you are on a budget, why not head to your nearest Youtube Space.

International Free Video Marketing

The moment you publish a video on Youtube, you are instantly promoted to the world! Facebook somewhat offers this as well, but only if viewers are friends with you or part of a group/ fan page. If your thumbnail, description or meta tags are on point (all these are also known as meta data), and if you time videos right for something that’s trending in the world, then your videos could go viral worldwide.

Make Money from Your Content

Youtube is currently the only channel that offers monetization over content. By simply publishing a video with advertisements before, during or next to videos, the PPC (Pay Per Click) can see channels making sufficient money dependant on how popular their channels and videos are. The more users invest in their channels, the more likely they will make income from videos.

If you would like to chat about how you can use videos and Youtube as part of your business. feel free to contact me at dan@cameradan.co.uk

Daniel Colbert AKA CameraDan

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